Strategy Sales Partners offers Turnaround Management for B2B and B2C companies.  In distressed companies, management has often been at the helm for years, not sure how to fix the business. Although they have tried many different approaches, success remained elusive. The owners are dedicated to turning the business around, but they’re out of ideas of what to do.

In these situations, a turnaround manager or an interim turnaround CEO is often the best solution. Someone with experience and a fresh perspective who can quickly assess the situation, make the tough decisions, and implement a solution.

Turnaround Management Process

Although each turnaround situation is unique in its own way, the typical turnaround process involves a number of key stages:

  1.     Assess the Business
  2.     Develop an Emergency Action Plan
  3.     Restructure the Business
  4.     Return the Business to Profitability
  5.     Implement the Exit Strategy
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