Strategy Sales Partners works in 3 phases. During the Discovery Phase we will complete a 360 Degree analyses of all previous growth strategies and stakeholders. This includes an analysis of value proposition(s) and value creation, key employees within various departments, clients past and present, vendors, and competitors.  We make sure your all of your departments and compensation schedules are aligned with the goals that you want to achieve.

It is during the Planning Stage where we will arrive and deliver to you a comprehensive strategic plan outlining the very specific steps and actions needed to to achieve your goals.

Your strategy is crucial to the success of your organization. However, the real key for success is the ability to execute the strategy and get results. This is where most organizations fall short.  In fact, over 70% of companies fail to achieve the full value of their strategy because they lack a strategy execution competency.

Knowledge and strategy are only powerful when combined with execution.

Strategy Sales Partners has a long history of superior execution ability.  It is us who created the LTC or Long Term Customer Success Model.  We measure our success by our customers success, not the standard LTV (long term value) of a client.

From the 20,000-foot perspective it’s clear that the three most important criteria for successfully implementing any strategy are accountability, communication and timely feedback. Although this sounds simple, unfortunately it is not.  Strategy Sales Partners provides a timely schedule for constant feedback and monitoring so all data can be collected, interpreted and acted upon.

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