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Strategy Sales Partners is committed to helping companies and business leaders explore extraordinary opportunities to grow and sustain revenue while increasing operating efficiencies and executing dynamic and aligned business strategies.


In the face of a rapidly changing business environment, you can’t get by with a stagnant operating model or a strategy that is not aligned with your whole company. We work with you to envision, develop and execute dynamic and aligned business strategies and business plans that drive profitability amid disruption. Our programs include:

Creating & Executing Effective Business Strategies

1. Strategies are about making choices. To win, companies must choose to do some things and not others.
2. Strategy is about increasing the odds for success, not guaranteeing it. It increases confidence in the choices that we make.
3. Strategy making combines rigor and creativity. Creativity to generate new possibilities and the rigor to test those hypotheses.

In our process, an organization defines its biggest strategic problem and formulates several strategic possibilities for solving that problem. It then specifies what conditions must be true for each of the possibilities to be a great strategy and tests to what extent those conditions exist in the real world. We ask these 5 questions:

1. What is our winning aspiration?
2. Where will we play?
3. How will we win?
4. What capabilities must we have?
5. What management systems do we need?
Creating & Executing Effective Business Strategies

Aligning Strategy & Sales to Increase Revenue

Since your sales channel is one of your largest investments, you must be able to eliminate the gap between your company’s overall strategy and its sales execution. Strategy Sales partners helps companies to:
  • Define target customers and best methods for selling successfully to them
  • Translate corporate strategy into sales strategies, tasks and processes that are easily understood by your sales teams and the entire organization
  • Develop account management and segment management strategies based upon customer profitability
  • Create an environment that nor only motivates your sales teams but also facilitates and sustains your company’s success
  • Ensure that specific sales recruitment, development compensation and performance management efforts and systems support your company strategy
  • Leverage resources throughout the company to meet your sales objectives
Aligning Strategy & Sales to Increase Revenue

Leveraging Markets to Sustain Value

Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, attracting and retaining them is vital to business success. Strategy Sales Partners helps companies assess customer profitability and lifetime value, design and price products and develop and evaluate promotions and other marketing programs.
  • Analyze key key goals of your marketing strategy
  • Consider the larger set of marketing tools –including new digital marketing options- from a profitability perspective
  • Explore your critical relationships among marketing, sales, product/service development, and operations/service delivery efforts
  • Evaluate and adjust your firm’s marketing strategy and allocation of resources
  • Develop strategies to address the unique dynamics of your markets
  • Create agreements with business partners, investors and key employees
Leveraging Markets to Sustain Value

Sales Training, Team Building, Organizational Culture

Strategy Sales Partners helps companies design and implement sales training programs and manuals focusing on:
  • Sales Skills assessments
  • Recruiting and compensation best practices
  • Sales Training
  • Lead Generation
  • Cold calling and objection response techniques
  • Questioning and listening techniques
  • Presentation planning and execution
  • Follow up methods
  • Referral Programs
  • Time management practices
  • Motivation
Team Building and Organizational Culture: Company culture is dynamic. Strategy Sales Partner’s will help you and your company adopt an ongoing approach that will elevate the teams motivation allowing them to effectively reach the company’s goals-all the while having fun and enjoying the journey along the way.
Sales Training, Team Building, Organizational Culture

Managing Disruptive Innovation

Companies often view disruptive innovations as a threat and react by protecting the business. Strategy Sales Partners recognize disruptions as game changing opportunities.
  • Analyze opportunities and risks from a more strategic perspective
  • Turn a viable opportunity into a focused strategy and business initiative
  • Attract top talent and key resources to launch and nurture early-stage ventures
  • Forecast value in the face of significant uncertainty and risk
Managing Disruptive Innovation


Strategy Sales Partner’s is an investment in your company’s future that will deliver long-term return-on-investment for both you and your company. Most companies reach a point where they need outside help to take their business to the next level. Many times the company is growing and has reached a stage where it needs help in deciding which way to go next or the best way to grow profitably.

Whatever the size of your company Strategy Sales Partners delivers:

    • Skills and methodology. If you don’t have in-house expertise in sales process or strategy development, it’s much easier and more efficient to bring in an outside expert.
    • An objective third-person viewpoint. Privately held companies may have family members that have worked together 20-plus years, with their business and family relationships intertwined. Strategy Sales Partners can address the white elephant in the room with out risking harm to relationships
    • The ability to articulate opinions that others might be afraid to say




Neal A. Konstantin, President of PDF International Corporation, Manufacturer of Packaging Machinery for Consumer Products

Working with Strategy Sales Partners was an excellent and fruitful experience. The PDC management team interviewed a number of sales consultants before making a decision, and it was clear from the start that Chuck approached our business from a very different viewpoint than the others. His insightful questions and probing of our issues before offering a solution framework set him apart and made it clear he was the right consultant to work with. His background, ranging from building and selling businesses, involvement with startups, creating marketing and sales programs, and his experiences at Harvard Business School brought to bear a unique perspective that is succinct, reality-based and absolutely practical. We found Chuck and his organization to be the perfect solution to create a great sales plan for our challenging-to-manage sales group. I am very pleased to have worked with Chuck on this critical project. You will not only gain invaluable benefits for your company, you will also create a long-lasting confidant with whom you can build your successful future.

Howard Schwartz, CEO and Founder of Human Demand

Chuck was critical to our early BizDev initiatives and his ability to create an all inclusive strategic plan helped us to a successful exit.HumanDemand

Dan Kurani, Founder and CEO Thumb.it (formerly Opinionaided.com)

Strategy Sales Partners are an exceptional asset for any entrepreneur from early-stage to post-acquisition. While it is natural for entrepreneurs to put a priority on attaining resources to get to the next step, real leverage of those resources comes from getting a birds eye view of where you may be in the process from both a business and personal perspective. They have the unique ability to help with those critical next-step items while helping the entrepreneur see the full chess board. Their guidance and unique skill-set was absolutely essential for Opinionaided at a time when the company was presented with many growth options. With their help we were able to confidently define a fully aligned strategy and execute. I highly recommend working with them.


Strategy Sales Partners is looking for inside and outside sales professionals who are dedicated to our clients, company and each other in a fast paced environment of mutual trust, respect and open communication. Drop us a line at careers@salesoutsourcing.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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